Our Chairman & Founder

Our Chairman and Founder

HE Sanad Al Meqbali has over 17 years of experience in various business sectors in the United Arab Emirates. He has founded and established a number of companies in fields as diverse as retail, online trading, investment, technology and government services.

HE  Sanad Al Meqbali's extensive experience has led him to serve as the chairman of a number of prominent boards. I have served on the board of the Abu Dhabi Chamber Services Sector Committee and as Chairman of the Emirati Entrepreneur Association, in addition to being vice chairman of the Bin Murshed Holding. His work and leadership as the Vice Chairman of the Bin Murshed Holding helped create strong growth and diversification in the company even through the economic crisis. He is a well-established, dynamic businessman and entrepreneur who brings his years of business experience and passion to every one of his projects. 

Contact the Chairman at sanad@emirateszoneae.com