Local Sponsorship

Those wishing to invest in the UAE by setting up a company or business are required to have a local sponsor or agent.

Emirates Zone is licensed as a national provider of sponsorship services to international investors. Our local sponsorship services have been developed to provide the highest levels of support to international investors as they conduct daily business operations.

We have a deep understanding of our clients' needs, and therefore offer two sponsorship options:

1.  Establishing an Open LLC Company

In this form of sponsorship, the shares are divided between the investor and sponsor. At Emirates Zone, we guarantee the safety of our clients' shares and investment.

2. Establishing a Branch Company

In this form of sponsorship, we help investors establish a branch company. This company is 100% owned by the client, and we can charge a fixed annual fee for our services.

We understand the importance of having a local sponsor for the daily operations of a foreign company. That's why we guarantee the following:

  • Complete integrity with our international investors;
  • A partnership based on transparency and legal confirmation;
  • Presence through different channels;
  • Continued support.

Our integrated systems and services makes our local sponsorship more reliable, effective and highly supportive for international investors and corporations.