In the scope of the Web industry, IT refers to the storage, transfer, manipulation and reception of data through computer networks. While it may not be evident at first, IT represents exactly what its name implies; The technology behind the standardization and coordination of information within an organization.

Now you may be wondering what the word "information" refers to in this context. The answer is relatively simple; information refers to any form of data used by an organization and its members. Data can be anything from a simple text file written on notepad to an intricate power point presentation. Any computerized data is considered information that can be stored and transferred within an organization.

We can provide the following services to your company related with IT:

  • Hardware: computers, servers, storage, mobile devices, printers, network equipment, etc.
  • Software: applications for productivity, business, networks, systems, security, mobile apps.
  • Services: deployment, integration, custom development, break / fix, managed services.
  • Infrastructure: Internet blackbone, telecommunications networks, cloud data centers.
  • Information: data, documents, voice, video, images, social streams.
  • Digital Business: commerce, communication, collaboration. automation governance